• Creditors' Rights
    and Remedies

    Aires Law Firm has extensive experience representing commercial clients in the collection of delinquent accounts and outstanding debt. When your business honors your contractual obligations and provides products or services in good faith, you should be paid.

    We use a variety of legal tools, including litigation, to compel your debtors to meet their contractual obligations to you. When your business suffers delinquent accounts, working with an experienced and aggressive commercial collection lawyer can help you recoup a larger portion of your outstanding debt.

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Timothy Carl Aires Creditors' Rights and Remedies


  • Commercial Collection And Asset Recovery

    Sometimes getting paid is harder than making the sale. Aires Law Firm is focused on the collection of commercial debts and the enforcement of judgments against recalcitrant debtors. Timothy Carl Aires is the creditors’ rights attorney.

  • Civil

    Timothy Carl Aires is an experienced trial attorney. His broad experience, extensive knowledge of pleadings and practice, as well as the rules of evidence, along with his distinctive courtroom presence, have resulted in great success for his clients.

  • Pre-Judgment

    Pre-judgment remedies, including attachment and replevin, can secure a creditor’s interests right away. Aires Law Firm is experienced in obtaining cash or collateral on clients’ behalf to be held in custodia legis until judgment is entered.

  • Post-Judgment Enforcement

    Recalcitrant judgment debtors are subject to powerful legal tools that can compel payment. Examination proceedings, creditors’ suits, levies, assignment orders, garnishment, and receiverships are regularly used by ALF to enforce judgments against evasive debtors.

  • Creditors' Suits And
    Fraudulent Transfer Actions

    When a third party owes money to a judgment debtor or has possession or control of property in which a judgment debtor has an interest, ALF regularly brings creditors’ suits and fraudulent transfer actions to have the interest or debt applied to satisfy the judgment.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Full-blown litigation is expensive. Settlement negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are efficient and effective ways to collect debt. Aires Law Firm has successfully resolved client disputes through ADR quickly and without incurring the expense of trial.

  • Appellate

    Winning at the trial level is not always the end of litigation. Aires Law Firm has experience successfully appealing adverse trial court rulings and defending lower-court victories on appeal.

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings

    Creditors must protect their rights even when the debtor claims to be insolvent and seeks bankruptcy protection. Timothy Carl Aires guides creditors through bankruptcy proceedings to defend creditors’ rights throughout the process.

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Timothy Carl Aires